Snow Day

Benny Goodman record for the Victrola – love this music!

As 2013 begins, I am starting the second week of much needed vacation. The morning is cold, like January in New England should be. I just put a log in the wood stove and poured a hot cup of coffee, took the Swedish Coffee Bread out of the freezer and opened all the curtains to let the sun in and life is pretty good from where I am sitting.
Sometimes I feel like I am still a child and this house is my fort, surrounded by snow and I am hiding out here with family or friends and my favorite things. Covered in blankets, with the whole of the day stretching ahead, time is different when you are home and you let go of the “normal” stressors. Like a snow day when you were in grade school! 
This is the time that I am most grateful for technology. I have a Benny Goodman radio show streaming while I use an iPad to check email and take on the task of unsubscribing from everything that tagged me during the holidays. I have access to the ebooks I am reading and can get caught up with reading the blogs I am interested in. I can write anywhere with my laptop, and love the freedom. My husband left for work, everyone else is still sleeping – even the dog is snoring, so it is a perfect time to write.  I enjoy when technology works for me, and fits into the activities I am already planning. I dislike when technology steals time from me, like the ridiculous amount of emails I have to go through. Unsubscribing is the first step to being free of that mess.
I am not making any resolutions this year, just continuing on in the direction of simplifying possessions and life. I have become more aware of what makes me happy and inspires me, and what speaks to my heart. Every day is an open page to write on, and to simply do a day’s work and find the good in each day sounds like a good place to start for 2013. 
The bread should be thawed, so I am off to see where the day leads…