Extra! Extra! Up for Sale

The day they installed the T&G Sign
Extra! Extra!

Google it. The New York Times is selling the New England Media Group: The Boston Globe and Telegram & Gazette.

I work for the Telegram. So last week of work and the next several months are unsure. 
There are things I am sure of, however.
The quality of the company I work for, and the quality of the job I do, are excellent. Whoever makes the purchase of the Telegram will be making a smart decision. 
Most people do not know my first exposure to the Telegram & Gazette.  When I was 10, my uncle Phillipe Boisclair was an editor and graphic artist for the Telegram. I went downtown to 20 Franklin St. when the presses were still there and got a tour of the whole building and of the newsroom. It was life changing for me as a kid.
I remember the bustling around that was just like in the movies. I wanted to work for the Telegram and be a writer. I was ten, and life had different things in mind for me. When I started working in Advertising in 2002, I was impressed with the company and the integrity of the people I worked with.
Everyone I talk to knows someone that works for, used to deliver papers for, or has/had a family member that works for the Telegram. It is an anchor and an icon for Central Massachusetts, and even though the building, the printing, the way we advertise has changed, the quality has not been compromised.
I have learned so much in the last 11 years of working in Classifieds and then in Inside Sales, and now in Multi-Media Advertising. Times are changing so quickly, and our website, www.telegram.com is an excellent website, advertising is changing to more and more digital and now something else is changing. 
I will happily work as long as I am needed. It could be stressful to not know the future, but when do we really know for sure about tomorrow?  We have today, and nothing else is guaranteed. So, even if my job were to end tomorrow, I would still be proud of the work I have done, the company I have worked for and grateful for all I have learned. I enjoy the people I work with, and the people I work for.
Times are changing.  Hold on for the ride! 
For the past couple of years we have spent so much time paying down debt, planting our garden, putting in new windows, cutting our expenses, deciding to go car-free, etc.  If at the end of this, I do not have employment, it will be okay. Really. That’s a side effect of living a simpler and sustainable lifestyle. There isn’t a lot of maintenance that needs to be done, and there aren’t a lot of requirements. 
What can you change today that will lessen the stress for you in life tomorrow? It could be as simple as bringing lunches or coffee from home rather than spending out, taking the bus or carpooling instead of paying for gas, car maintenance or parking.
When you are ready for anything – it’s all an adventure!