Organizing Life: Paperwork


One of the biggest areas of my life that needed to be organized was paperwork: schedules, important papers, research and information we need to do what we do. I am a binder organizer – or rather, I was. I lost track of things for awhile. I had all of these empty binders ready to be filled and today created the Homesteading ones to fill with new things. I have been going through the paperwork in our house and these are the categories that will be needed to keep the information on hand. It gives me such a sense of joy to know that I will find a recipe when I need one…such a simple thing, but it fits with not wasting time and cuts out a huge amount of frustration for me. It seems I just got past a hurdle that I have been dancing around here for quite awhile. 

I went with 6 binders, a very simple monthly planner and a journal to record all of this. I had all of these things already and had intended long ago to do something like this. And so it begins…




This process is being helped a great deal by a homesteading group I belong to on Facebook. Please check it out if you are interested!  Homestead Skill of the Month Club! If you would like to follow along on YouTube the weekly “homework” assignments are also here.

Have a great day! 🙂