Urban Homestead: Sunday

Sunday on our little urban homestead began with a firebox full of ashes that needed to be emptied. We keep the ash for spreading on the ice in winter, adding to our compost pile, and adding where needed in the garden. Once empty – the fire was easily started and the stove was heating for breakfast.

img_4564      img_4565

Sunday breakfast is generally simple – bacon and some form of eggs. Today I used the rest of the veggies we chopped last night for the pizza, and added them to scrambled eggs. Both the eggs and the bacon are organic and local.

img_4568     img_4570

img_4572     img_4569


After fueling up with a good breakfast and hot coffee, Rob and I started our list of chores we needed / wanted to get done.

I did the dishes and Rob shoveled and raked the roof.

img_4574 img_4576

As I continued to pack away holiday decorations and wrapping, I took time out to get pictures of the firewood chopping Rob was doing to prepare for the week:






One of the projects I wanted to get done today was to build a shelf for my books and projects for 2017. I will be writing another post about the system I am using to keep myself organized this year.

img_4582   img_4586

We paced ourselves during the day so that none of this was overwhelming or too much. Doing a project and then taking a break and moving on to the next thing. At the end of the day, Rob prepared dinner and we watched the first half of The Two Towers.

I leave you for now with chicken, baked honey mustard fries
and green beans: