Tuesday, October 24th


Tuesday is generally my baking day. The bread recipe I use makes two loaves of sandwich bread and eight hamburger rolls. I also make a chocolate chip biscotti every couple of weeks and we are trying a new pizza tonight – so I’ll be making pizza dough two nights this week!

The cleaning portion of my day will be (a possibly obvious choice) our kitchen. I have done some cleaning out of cupboards and reorganizing for the moving of cooking upstairs for the winter. Rob fixed the rope seal on the door of the wood stove and I already cleaned all of the tile in the kitchen and pantry. So there will mostly be a decluttering of things that don’t go in the kitchen and a quick inventory of things we will need to order for this week’s grocery shopping.

Two solutions I found for the kitchen organization are below: revolving trays for the spices in the cabinet (helps me especially because I am short) and the five shelf system I have for all of our baking supplies. I keep all of the flours, sugars, baking powder and soda, etc. in glass mason jars. Makes it easy to pull out the shelf and easily find the ingredients I need, as well as letting me know when to resupply.

         IMG_6405           IMG_6638

Bread and rolls:

IMG_6767    IMG_6768

IMG_6769   IMG_6770

Chocolate Chip Biscotti:


Bread, rolls and Biscotti for 2 weeks as well as pizza dough. I will post another day about the way we make pizza.

Another busy day, and now the baking is done for a couple of weeks and I can focus on some other projects for the rest of the week.

Until Tomorrow,