Cooking Pumpkins & Grocery Delivery

It was only 60 degrees in the house this morning, so before anything else – I poured a hot coffee and got a fire started.

With the colder weather, Rob moved the pumpkins from the back hall to the basement. We have a couple of these indoor greenhouses and they are perfect storage. I filled one with all of our spring planters and seed starter stuff. It keeps it all in one place and easy to find in spring. The other is full of pumpkins. This is on the colder side of our basement and should be perfect for winter storage.

             IMG_6929    IMG_6930

I did a quick check online and found a recipe for cooking pumpkin and after it cools, I will put it in the freezer until next week when I make pies. IMG_6932

IMG_6934  IMG_6939


I used olive oil, salt, and a little cayenne pepper and baked at 350F for 45 minutes. So good!IMG_6945


The pumpkins are perfect – the two I cut up made lots of pumpkin seeds and 4.5 cups of pumpkin. I froze 4 cups – one cup in each zip lock bag and will be using the half cup for pumpkin apple muffins tomorrow.

Each pumpkin had about a cup of seeds to toast, and later in the winter, I will be keeping the seeds from one of these to plant in the spring for our pumpkin patch.

Groceries were delivered and only one thing was missing – some crackers – easy to grab next week. So all of the non-perishables are here and we have our pumpkin ready for pies!

It’s so much easier to break this work down to a little each day.