Spring Garden Clean Up!

It’s beautiful outside today. The strong spring winds have calmed down and I was able to start cleaning up from the winter and preparing beds for planting. We are rearranging a few things this year, adding more of what we eat and removing some trees and plants that don’t really work in our small garden. I planted a mix of Kale, Radish, etc. a week ago and was able to uncover it today, however, before I did, I needed to have a solution for the neighborhood cats. After removal of a couple of fruit trees that were not working for us, we had a lot of branches in the garden this year.  I made this to keep the cats out:


Everyone knows that a cat will not make the extra effort to maneuver around this and hopefully it will keep them out of the bed. I’ll be making one for each of the front beds where we plant seeds. We don’t usually have any problems with the other beds because we use landscaping fabric and cut holes for the tomato and pepper plants.

This is the time of year for fixing structures in the garden and planning out what we would like it to develop into with each of the passing seasons.  Inevitably, there comes a balancing out of what is envisioned with what is actually possible. For me, there is the anticipation of every berry, piece of fruit, herb, flower, or vegetable that grows and is useful; along with the variety of creatures that enjoy the habitat we’ve created.  A refuge for all.

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