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Dismantling the Herb Spiral

Several years ago we made this herb spiral and now it is time for something different. When looking at the garden in time, the future garden needs to be less work and maintenance. We’ll be adding more perennial plants and also would like more places for people and wildlife to spend time. We are transitioning from an intense amount of unnecessary work, to a refuge with more seating.

My five (1/2 hour) times working outside (Saturday & Sunday)  were spent digging out grass and violets from the dust of a soil that remains in this old bed. I rescued the poor little perennial pansies that were struggling to grow and they are already flowering in a new planter.

As we looked at the space in the center of the garden, the flower bed idea was quickly replaced with a new one. More on that later =)

The new garden beds were delivered today. Tomorrow we will begin the repair and redesign of the raised beds, paver paths, and other structures  of the garden with a goal of eliminating some places that are imbalanced and require too much work and produce no results.

After a year of really not doing much physically, at least not activities like digging holes and moving pavers, I have set myself a limit of working for a half hour at a time 2-3 times a day. My hope is that with this consistent work, I will build up my strength and be able to do more. I use the half hour as a limit because I am able to do that and not hurt myself. After a rest, I can usually do more later in the day.

Although the list of projects is quite extensive right now,  after we get the main paths and beds done, there will be time to rest. This rhythm  of the seasons is always the same. The rewards of autumn require the work in spring and the patience of summer. Everything in its season.