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Still, though, We Should Dance

A thousand times I have ascertained
and found it to be true:
The affairs of this world are really nothing into nothing.
Still, though, we should dance.
I find myself wishing for Spring, planning the garden, looking at the fruit trees in the yard – even though they won’t do anything for months…still I look. Observation is the greatest part of this. What worked last year, what didn’t, what we will be changing. It seemed as though winter would last forever, and yet on my walk to the bus this morning, I heard the singing of the birds of spring. It all happens, and we participate in whatever way we can, but we don’t do this. We can repair the process, change the way we interact and reduce the waste and footprint we leave on this world, but the miracle of the process – when all of the pieces are in order, we can only observe and be amazed.
What I  look forward to most, is finding out how much of our little ecosystem in our yard was repaired by the work we did last year and how many plants, insects and animals return. And then my mind turns to new plants, and moving toward a yard full of perennial plants and trees, adding a medicinal as well as culinary herb garden, maybe a little water garden for some water plants? I am sure that as long as room remains, ideas will come and we will continue to fill our little yard full of beautiful and delicious things!
How perfect winter is – time given to rest and dream so that when the sun appears, we are revived and eager to play outside again…