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Canning Coleslaw

The cabbage was the size of a basketball…

I was planning to make some cabbage and vegetable soup for lunch this week and ordered a cabbage for delivery through Peapod. It was ridiculously huge!  So I started looking for recipes to see how I could store the extra cabbage.  I remember from childhood that we would have cabbage in boiled dinners or as coleslaw – so my search led to a recipe for canned coleslaw.

I found  this recipe and it worked great! Cabbage isn’t something I want to eat every day – and even though the work wasn’t difficult, it is time consuming. After everything was mixed and I added the syrup – I tried some and it is so good!

Now I have 9 pints of coleslaw  to use as a side with a family dinner or it could easily be opened and added to any delicious winter soup or stew.  (one in the refrigerator because it didn’t seal)


  My cabbage soup was very simple once the ingredients were ready – I prepared all of the cabbage for the coleslaw and soup at once, grated carrots, celery for both, chopped onions and diced potatoes, chicken brother and added a can of white beans when the veggies were cooked.



My favorite way to bring soup to work!