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Last Spring I planted seeds around the corn and bean bed – about 12 inches apart – before the weeds and grass started growing in. The plants came in slowly, and then they spread everywhere. They filled in around the bed, and flowered in beautiful orange, red and yellow.

Now, the corn is done, and we started picking the red beans that have dried, I can see under the plants that there are hundreds of Nasturtium seeds. I have been gathering a few each day and spreading them around the perimeter of our property, under the fruit trees, and anywhere weeds were a problem this year.

They are amazingly hardy – you can eat the leaves and flowers – and when I did need to cut them back, it only took a couple of days to fill the space again.

I have visions of Nasturtium flowers filling the garden next year! First, I have to gather the seeds and help them relocate 🙂