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This Day

The smell of bacon lingers in the air. We had an early breakfast so Rob could go help friends of ours move into their first home. So exciting!

Birds are singing, Pippin is snoring on the floor next to me, and this beautiful cool breeze is blowing through the house. I can hear the neighbors starting to stir. It’s going to be a perfect day for all of the plans that this long weekend holds for them. I am home today doing the usual things that need to be done. The washer is whirring and dishing are drying. The pacing of preparing for the week will take all day for me to finish. I’m not strong enough to do half of what I think I can…so I try to let go of that mental list that builds up all week long, and just walk from room to room, or into the garden, and just do what needs to be done. In between, I rest and observe the finches on the bird feeder, and the Juncos in the wild black raspberries, honeybees on the milkweed flowers and a squirrel digging furiously for something he misplaced. All around me, food is growing – mostly berries at this time of year, but soon there will be vegetables and more. I’d swear the corn grew another six inches last night!


Red Raspberries that we planted and Black Raspberries that the birds planted near the fence =)   Both are doing well and are delicious.


For years we pulled out the Milk Weed and didn’t let it grow, but it’s so amazing to see the honeybees and butterflies…It is surprising to me that so many plants we consider “weeds” are actually food for us and many other creatures.


Pink Champagne Currants are coming in very well this year – so many berries and many new branches. It needed some support last year and is almost strong enough to remove the support. I have a project now – to find recipes to use the berries!


My goal is to just live in this moment and enjoy it. Whether it be filled with laundry and dishes, or sunshine and birdsong. What a great adventure it is to be alive!