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Fruit Trees!

Some of our fruit trees arrived from Stark Bro’s last week.
Here is the process we used to dig through the cement-like sod and plant them. And by we – I mean…I helped with two of the apple trees and then I was done. I was fairly pleased to help with that much. Rob finished the digging and planting which took 5 hours in the dark and somewhat rainy night to complete.
Soaking the pear trees for an hour before planting
Soaking Apple trees
Garden soil to bulk up the roots once the holes were dug.

Digging around the hole where the tree will be planted.

 The area around the trees was cleared of sod and prepared to plant Nasturtium, vetch, clover, perennial Lupine around the trees to feed and shelter them and then they were mulched to keep the water we do get in one place and to help them grow.


buried and watered in

Dwarf Pear is furthest away and then two apples.

After the trees were watered in, then more tree soil and mulch we have been “making” by our work in the yard was added on top of the mound.  A ditch was also added around it to hold the moisture and prevent grass from coming back into the circle. 

Two more Apples and a dwarf pear in the far distance near the house.

All of the pear trees are dwarf (8-12ft) 
and the apples are semi-dwarf (10-15ft)

They are all from Stark Bros :
Moonglow Pear – Dwarf
Stark Honeysweet Pear – Dwarf
Staring Delicious Pear – Dwarf

Starkspur Golden Delicious Apple – Semi-Dwarf Supreme
Starkrimson Red Delicious Apple – Semi-Dwarf Supreme
Starkspur Arkansas Black Apple – Semi-Dwarf Supreme
Starkspur Red Rome Beauty Apple – Semi-Dwarf Supreme

Next: Blueberries, an Almond tree, potatoes and planting seeds in the Herb Spiral. It’s all an experiment and this is the busiest time we will have for planting and preparing and setting up the foundation.

Fun stuff! =)