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Perennial Plants in Spring

One of the things I like most about Permaculture, is that the bulk of our garden is Perennial. Today as we walked around, we saw that the Sea Kale and Sorrel are starting to grow first. The Pink Champagne Current, Jostaberry, Goumi, Raspberry, Blueberry, Red Currents, Hazelnuts, Horseradish, the variety of grape vines – all made it through their second winter. They are small and it will take time before there are harvests of any proportion – but with a little closer look, it it easy to see the small sprouts around the plants – the spreading of roots and new growth.

After I replanted some of the San Marzano tomatoes to start indoors, and prepared the planters for them to be planted outside in a few weeks, I sat down to rest and enjoy the sunshine.  A small bird flew into the yard and landed on one of the apple trees, hopped to a pear tree and then flew from tree to tree and to the grape vines and then out of the yard.

This filled my heart with such a warmth. Birds can land on branches that only a couple of years ago, didn’t exist. I imagine what it would be like in a couple of years when the trees are full grown and full of birds and other creatures. This small place and small restoration of nature is all an experiment on a small scale, and it is working. Sometimes I think it is slower than I would like, but when I look around and realize how much has happened in the past 3 years, it is quite amazing.

Now everyone is napping; husband, dog and rabbit and I realize how little there really is to do – a weekly washing of clothes, some dishes now and then, and planting a few plants in spring. Caring for each other and the animals is really the only thing that requires attention every day, and a  bark or a rabbit stomping in a cage are the only reminders we need.

Sun is setting and we are prepared to start the week.

Rested and reconnected with nature again.

Until next time,