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January 2017

As the clock turns over into a new year, some kind of reset happens in us and in our minds. Even though a fresh start could happen any day, at any moment really, it is felt the strongest when the year changes. I am especially aware of it this year, and of myself in this chair at this computer. Happy.

In a way I have never experienced, 2017 begins with twelve months open before me and full of possibility. But, I have the luxury of only thinking about today and about January. As cold and snow surround us, I am spending my time sorting through holiday decorations, wrapping paper and gifts and putting them away where they belong. The effort it took to find them this year – scattered in the corners and hallways of last year – was like a treasure hunt, but not one I want to repeat. Next December won’t be the same because I will know where things are.

Once the decorations are put away, I will sit on the floor surrounded by seed catalogs and seeds saved or left over from last year. It’s garden planning and seed ordering time again – one of my favorite times of year. I already have 14 new veggies and herbs to research and learn how to grow, and thanks to a generous gift, we will be able to also get some live plants that are a bit more tropical to grow indoors. I am looking at Bay Leaf, Turmeric and Ginger as possibilities but am waiting for the catalogue to decide. We are also planning to grow more veggies to eat, share and store. In spring we will begin the front yard garden, which also needs to be planned out in January. So there is much to do! But all of it is fun work.

The garden rests. Physically, I also rest. Mentally, I am dreaming of a snowed in winter until the sun warms the earth and everything comes back to life. Ultimately waiting for summer sun and fruitful labor, tea in the yard, and harvesting and storing for another winter. The overall pattern doesn’t change, but how we get through each year is always different and full of unexpected surprises and challenges.

I am ready and I hope to share many more stories with you in the coming months.

Much love,