Creating An Outdoor Workspace

We are working to build an outdoor workspace area for working with plants and washing veggies, etc. In a small garden, every space is valuable and for many years this space went unused. When we had our kitchen sink and counter replaced, we kept our old sink. In cleaning out the shed, we found that there was a perfect old potting stand that could be used as a stand for the sink.

I started by pulling out plants and removing some stones.

This revealed that a creature spent the winter under the rain barrel.  

We moved the rain barrel and I filled in the holes with soil, packed it all down and laid down landscaping fabric.

Then I covered it with pavers and bricks,

Rob moved the stand over and put the sink on top and it’s perfect! We were able to reuse the sink and stand and created something useful out of this unused space. We bought a new hose and later will use a splitter to run water to the sink. Water will drain into a 5 gallon bucket underneath and be used somewhere in the garden.

This week we are focused on cleaning out and repairing or installing structural things. There will be more projects later in the spring to mulch everything and make it pretty, but the focus for now is to make things functional and useful.

Time to rest and write and we’ll be on to the next project! =)