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Planting Peas (and more clean-up)!

I worked out in the garden today, mostly on clean-up. It might be surprising to see how much needs to be cleaned up in such a small garden. This year is a bit more than usual because we cut down a few trees that were not producing fruit. We are hoping that the extra room will give the remaining trees some extra light and room and increase the air flow between them.

I repotted a small hyssop bush that I was hoping would survive. I grew this from seed and it is a couple years old. It actually looks quite happy in its new sunny space.

I spent some time clearing around the wildlife pond and dry river bed, but that area will take a bit more time to complete.

I also planted five containers with shelling peas. There are 12-13 plants in each container and when they get tall enough, I will figure out a trellis system for them. We usually plant them in the two beds with the netted trellises, but we are waiting for the replacements for those beds to arrive.


Lastly, I stood here looking at this old herb spiral and mentally moved things out and thought about what would work best here. I am currently working with the idea that this center of the garden will be perennial flowers to bring more beneficial insects in to the vegetable plants and provide flowers for cutting and crafting. The birds and insects use the birdbath and toads and other animals drink from the water bowl, so I definitely want to keep them with the new design. More to come on that…

Overall energy level for today was good, but I needed to pace myself with the tasks I was able to finish. It is good to be working out in the sun and have my hands in the dirt again. Larger projects are divided into smaller tasks and smaller tasks are divided in half, and although my strength is not where I would like it to be, everything will still get done.

I can hear the birds outside announcing the setting sun and calling to each other. It is time to rest in the satisfaction of having done my best.