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Top 10 Dinners # 5 – Burgers and Fries

Most everyone loves a good burger. We weren’t making burgers that often, but now that we have found a really good, grass-fed beef and I learned how to bake our own hamburger rolls…this is a top favorite of ours. I can’t wait for summer and grilled burgers on fresh baked rolls. The recipe is from the same book I have been using for all of our bread, pizza and rolls –  A Cabin Full of Food by Marie Beausoleil.IMG_4929

The rolls are super easy to make and are delicious:IMG_4958

We serve our burgers with baked fries – just toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and whatever other seasonings you like.

For summer, I would serve with potato salad or green salad.


It’s a pretty basic meal, but so delicious =)