Clean-up and Planting Early Seeds

It was a beautiful day to work in the garden! I made another cat deterring contraption and planted carrots, beets, and breakfast radishes. The radishes will come up quickly and be replaced with more seed until it the weather is too warm for them. They are almost two weeks behind the other radishes I planted, so they won’t all be ready at the same time.

In the long bed near the patio I planted Bachelor Buttons and Sweet Pea. We  added several new trellises around the patio so that after the vines grow in, we will have a little more privacy while we sit outside.

The work at this time of year is slow and seems as if it will take forever to get things done, but a little each day really adds up during the weeks before summer arrives. The fruit trees are budding, and in no time our little forest will return.  At the end of the day, I sit and survey the small spaces where I was able to work.


With each task completed, I am strengthened for the next, under-standing that the softness of winter in me will fade as time passes and by summer I will once again be strong with my energy renewed.

A little reminder of what a little work now will produce later!  =)

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