The recipe I used for Kimchi was in this book:img_3866

The gear and ingredients:IMG_4934

Soak two large Napa Cabbage for 6-8 hours in brine:IMG_4936 IMG_4937

Get veggies ready – green onion, carrot, radish, garlic, ginger and lots of red pepper =)

Mix together veggies and pepperIMG_4951

Drain cabbage for 15 minutes and chop into bite size pieces:IMG_4952

Add to veggie and peppers:IMG_4954

This should have made a gallon, but many of the outer leaves of the cabbages were not usable and went to the compost. Also, I didn’t have any gloves, so I used a gallon size zip loc bag to press the cabbage into the jars. Definitely don’t work with this much red pepper without something on your hands.

Now we will wait 7 days and taste test.
The recipe says up to 14 days to be ready.

The jar lids and glass weights were ordered from Amazon. There are lots of other suggestions in the book for alternative ways to ferment using different weights, etc.

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